The GLOAMING Issue 4


Issue 4

32 Pages


Here is #4 of THE GLOAMING. As with the others, there are pages that I am pleased with and pages that I just couldn’t get to my satisfaction. For the most part, I think it came out alright. I hope you agree.

The story is following its intended trajectory (which is rare) and I have high hopes for it. I can’t realistically expect any mainstream success with an explicitly pornographic comic book. Unlike my my “obscure art comics”, this has a relatively accessible plot. (I have a hard time picturing a movie adaptation, however.)

Predictably, this issue took longer than it should have. I am unable to streamline my process, and reign in the need to fill every inch of paper with little textures  and greeble. It helps to conceal my mediocre drawing ability. I do try to improve everyday, though.

As always, thank you for your patience. Hopefully, #5 will come out a little faster. As of today, I’m guessing that the whole story will take 8 or 9 issues. We will see!

(Please note: Ordering these books will be taken as a tacit agreement that you are of legal age to receive sexually explicit material.)